Festival Maggio 2023

🇬🇧 On May 27, 2023 the inaugural edition of the international festival of flag, “Bigordi banderie” will take place in Cortona. The festival is organised by the Historic Group of Cortona, by the Consiglio dei Terzieri, together with the international European Confederation of Flags association.

Delegation ECF travels to Italy for various events

On 22 July, Gerhard Schlaich, Ines Schlaich and Lisa Meroth travel
will travel to Italy in multiple functions.
There, in Megliadino San Vitale PD, there will be a qualification for the
World Championships in flag throwing.

Gerhard Schlaich, President of the DFV, is supervising the event as organiser.
Ines Schlaich, 1st Treasurer of the DFV, is in charge of the documentation.
Lisa Meroth, technical officer and DFV competition judge, judges the competition.

The next day they visit the Republic of San Marino, this time as ECF board members.
A meeting with the Sbandieratori is planned there.
They inform themselves about the jubilee weekend on 30.072022.
The President of the ECF and His wife, Executive Board of the ECF, will
participate in the anniversary celebrations.

On the same day, in the evening, they will be guests at the event “Sotto le Stelle” in Bibbiena, also as ECF board members.