Event dates

Detes of event, festival and action of the ECF and its members

05.23.2020 date is canceled and on 2021 postponed!
World flag throwing championship with the big flag
in Friborg / Switzerland
New date May 15, 2021

09.19.2020 date is canceled and on 2021 postponed!
World chapionnship in flag throwing to height with small flag in Konstanz (DE)
Info: www.fahnenschwinger.de
New date October 02, 2021

Flags Under the Stars in Bibbiena (AR), Italy

Each year, the last weekend in July, a small but pleasant flag-wavering group meeting takes place in Bibbiena (AR).

This year it was nothing like the starry sky. Horible rain forced us to move event to a sport hall very quickly.

However, these not ideal conditions did not decreased good feeling and atmosphere. The ECF executives Gerhard Schlaich Vice-President, Stefaan Haesen – 1st Secretary, Ines Schlaich – 1st Treasurer, Pavel Kruba – 2nd Secretary and Ute Klockner – 1st Assessor were also presented.


ECF establish

On July 21, 2018, representatives of fellowship groups and associations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany gathered in Constance to set up a European Flagship Confederation.

The founding meeting took place in the Great Hall at the City Hall of Konstanz.

The Assembly consists of 26 representatives of the above-mentioned groups and associations. All of them present unanimously to vote for the ECF.

In addition, the constituent meeting approved the statutes of the European Flagship Confederation and set the first planned objectives.

Founding members are:

Bandieri e Musici Citta di Bibbiena / Italy
Monadria Polygamica, Brno / Czech Republic
kna-Venkra Kraainem / Belgium
vendelen, net, Mechelen / Belgium
Jovolka, Chapel / Belgium
Gelderse Schutterfederatie / The Netherlands
Flagman Rastatt
Kraichgau flagman Bretten
Flag-waver Konstanz

The newly selected ECF Board consists of:

President: Gian Piero Polverini / Italy
Vice President: Gerhard Schlaich / Germany
1st Secretary: Stefaan Haesen / Belgium
1st Treasurer: Ines Schlaich / Germany

2nd Secretary: Pavel Kruba / Czech Republic
2nd Treasurer: Benjamin Kurtz / Germany
1st Assistant: Ute Klockner / Italy
2nd Assistant: Michael Kriescher / Germany

The new board has many plans and starts work on this day …