Video event and competition of the Flag wawing groups in Faenza, Italy

The FlagArt Monadria brought victory in the Flag wawing competition organized in the Faenza on the 26th Sept. 2020.

We would like to share this very important success in the FlagArt Monadria history. Let us go back to the beginning of our Flag waving way. Means app. 15 years ago when one of our wishes was to participate on any Italian flag waving event. This our wish was fulfilled in the 2016 when we were invited to the international event in Cory nearby Roma. But we never hoped to participate any flag waving competition. Therefore it was really big surprise for us to get invitation from Faenza to participate on the international flag waving competition. There was one condtion. The age of participants had to be over 40. By the reason of Covid restricitons the organizers made a decision to do remote video competition. So, we sent videos of our two shows. The evaluation and jury decision was made on the 26th Sept. 2020. The competition categories were following:

– individuals

– pairs

– small group from 4 to 6 flag wavers

– choreography

– musicians


Completely 10 Flag groups participated in this competition.


Foreign groups: San Marino and FlagArt Monadria from Czech Republic.

Our videos were considered in two categories. Small group and choreography.

We reached 6th place in the small groups category. The group from Faenza won this category. The group from Lugo the 2nd place, Asti the 3rd place, and Ferrara the 4th place.

The category for the best choreography won FlagArt Monadria and took the 1st place before groups from Lugo and Faenza.

Our 6th place in the small groups category showed us our art is on good level but we need to work hardly to improve. And the 1st place for choreography made us very happy and showed us that our way we are on for several years is the right way.

We will improve our skills and develop our art to bring next successes in homeland and other countries.